Agility For Roller Derby Instructional (DIGITAL VIDEO DOWNLOAD)

Agility For Roller Derby Instructional  (DIGITAL VIDEO DOWNLOAD)
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Digital Download of the 1 hour instructional DVD: in depth break downs, including a video glossary of terms like edges, weight placement, how to get more bouncy, line drills, cone drills, hockey stops and a few tips about the mental aspects of training.

Whether you are looking to improve your individual contribution to the team, or for an example of advanced, intentional methods of Coaching: this DVD has received only amazing reviews, was featured in the Spring 2013 FiveOnFive magazine, and is basically the most awesome thing ever. 

For instant Agility gratification, you could be watching this in minutes with no shipping charges!

DIRECTIONS: 1) Purchase 2) Download onto a COMPUTER OR LAPTOP, INITIALLY. The link sent to you WON'T WORK ON A PHONE/IPAD, but you can totally put them there after you have the file. The links do expire, so download right away, and enjoy whenever you're ready. Thanks so much! 




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